Macías Rodríguez Adams LLP was founded by three Big Law attorneys who worked together at the world’s largest employment defense law firm. During their time there, they learned the intricacies of employment law, developed their skills as litigators, and discovered their passion for helping both employers and employees overcome the challenges they face.

Eventually, however, Mr. Macías, Mr. Rodríguez, and Mr. Adams felt called to do something different. They wanted to build a new law firm focused on providing more personal legal services and Big Law representation at a more cost-effective price. With that vision in mind, MRA was born.


Located in San Jose, California, we represent many clients in a variety of industries. We understand the unique challenges these businesses face and the issues their employees can encounter. We also work with startups and those in the emerging tech space.


We serve clients across a wide variety of industries, both employers and employees. These industries include:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Health Care
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Food and Beverage

We are selective about the clients we choose to represent. We are not a volume-based firm. Instead, we carefully select only the clients we believe can help. As a result, every client makes us a better law firm and allows us to bring a unique perspective and depth of experience to every case we handle.


We are fervent believers in delivering top-tier client services. With every client, whether it’s a corporate entity or an individual employee, our goal is to truly serve. This means that every client gets the very best service we can provide. To achieve this, we pride ourselves on being extremely responsive. This means that we respond to your inquiries when you need us to, not when we can get to it.

We also focus on developing personalized legal solutions for our clients’ unique needs. Just as we believe our firm to be unique, we understand that you or your business is different from everyone else. So we take the time to get to know you and understand the issues you face and the results you need. We then deliver the services and solutions you need precisely and cost-effectively.

Ultimately, we aim to develop a relationship where we’re a partner in your success. We believe that’s how we deliver the legal services our clients truly need; as a partner, not just a law firm.


Macías Rodríguez Adams LLP is a premier boutique law firm specializing in employment law and litigation. We are highly specialized because we understand the importance of being experts in our field. This allows us to offer our clients unparalleled expertise and insight while prioritizing their goals. For our business clients, this means exceptionally attentive service, understanding each client’s needs, and a direct and rapid response to their questions and concerns. For our individual clients, this means preparing each and every case as if we are going to trial from day one. Our goal is to cement ourselves as a powerhouse in the employment law world in Northern California immediately.


Macías Rodríguez Adams LLP is dedicated to obtaining the best results for you possible. Each of our experienced attorneys and dedicated staff is committed to providing you with attentive, first-rate legal representation. We do not see you as simply a number. We strive to build personalized relationships and do anything to achieve success for those we represent.

Macías Rodríguez Adams LLP takes pride in representing both individuals and employers. While other law firms may see this as disloyal, we believe exclusively representing one side is a hindrance. Our ability to walk both lines gives us a competitive advantage in any litigation – we know how the opposition thinks, breathes, and acts on both sides, but more importantly, we know how they litigate.